Enterprise Service Management

What create WASHINGTONTEK a different company

WashingtonTek is a company that provides a complete solution regarding Enterprise Service Management (EITSM). We believe in following a lifecycle that starts from design and ends on the installation in the management of mission-critical enterprise systems for federal customers. WashingtonTek grasps a cynic approach that exerts the most desirable technology that follows the best practices from our processes.

Our Personnel

WashingtonTek is a company that consists of team of professionals who are involved and focused on the scope, design, implementation and managing IT. We allow our customers to concentrate on their mission. We keenly apprehend the federal regulations, security restrictions and critical missions that are needed by our U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) or by federal civilian customers.

Our Repo

Our Team of experts provides prerequisite support to nourish high availability for denunciatory systems by providing modern technology, infrastructure escalation, data center integration and creating a virtual version of it.