WASHINGTONTEK is a technology and logistics company that values relationships and is dedicated to providing our customers with effective solutions.

Our vision is to reduce the security vulnerabilities within our nation’s cyber space.

The company WashingtonTek is a cybersecurity company that deals with the cybersecurity challenges that either by partnering with the government or by supporting commercial vendors. We help in emphasizing all the cybersecurity services in our client’s product. By ensuring the security and compliance requirements from Cloud Service Provider we help in the conception sale- and beyond.

The vision of WashingtonTek is to meet the requirement and security of a company. We use a customize approach to achieve the uniqueness for our customer by providing skillful services falling in the appropriate technologies, processes and methodologies that link up straightly to the customer’s needs and requirements.

We find the vulnerability and risk of the data and systems and provide some of the best solution of it. We give opportunity to our customer to become a partner with us and know the root cause of security lacks that are occurring in a system and gives a sustainable guideline to overcome these security problems. We also provide the awareness and helps in achieving business goals. We stand unique as we take every challenge and say “yes” to it and not only this we seek to gain the safety and completing it on time.